The peninsula of Chalkidiki is a very well-known destination in the North of Greece, very close to the airport of Thessaloniki.

Many islands in the North Aegean are untouched by tourism so guests who hanker after life in the slow lane with fall in love with the region’s simplicity. In contrast there are also picturesque cities from the capital Kavala built on the slopes of Mountain Symvolo and Alexandroupoli, a crossroads of sea and land connecting Europe and Asia.


Nea Potidea Village Chalkidiki

It is one of the villages that was also founded by refugees who moved here from East Thrace. It is situated 30 km south west of Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki. The village attracts a lot of tourists because of its amazing clean beaches and its fine archaeological sites. Among the many interesting things to see in Nea Phokea is the Byzantine fortress Tower, built in 1407 in honour of the Apostole Paul and the ancient funerary monument dedicated to Saint Paul, which was used as a church during Byzantine times. Along the coast lie beautiful countryhouses and accommodation options for the visitors. Plenty of tourist facilities are found as well, like restaurants, cafes, bars and camping sites. It is worth mentioning that the town is built on the ancient city of Potidea which played an important role in the war against the Persians

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo, literary meaning Deaf Port, is one of the two ports of ancient Toroni and today is regarded among the safest and largest natural ports in Northern Greece. In the Medieval times, Porto Koufo was served as a haven for pirates who attacked Halkidiki. Nowadays, popular it is a small fishing village with peaceful atmosphere, ideal for relaxing vacation. The beach is small, but beautiful set in a natural surrounding of dense vegetation, fae away from the centre of Halkidiki, 80 km south east of Poligiros. Many boats depart from Porto Koufo port to some of the most popular Halkidiki sights and beaches. The area around the village is ideal for trekking. Every year, in September, Porto Koufo hosts the Festival of the Tuna.



Ammouliani is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki that charms every visitor since it’s the place where everyone can find anything they dream of in an area of only 4,5 km2. Ammouliani is located 120 km from Thessaloniki and is connected by frequent ferryboat routes that last only 10 minutes to Tripiti, the beach located across the island.
With very little luggage, you will find in Ammouliani a heaven on earth to be carefree and relaxed. This island is an idyllic combination of fine, golden sand, aquamarine sea, vegetation and giant rocks.
Its isolated bays are the ideal destination for those that desire peace and relaxation, while you can get involved in all sorts of water sports at its sandy beaches.


Porto Carras

This is not a single beach but rather a group of bays, forming a beautiful coastline south of the resort of Porto Carras, Halkidiki. With a length of about 9 km and more than 25 bays, called “limanakia” (little ports), the area is a small marvel of natural beauty.

The landscape is typical of Sithonia: sandy beaches with turquoise waters and lush vegetation that almost reaches the sea water.

The area is part of the estate “Carras” and it is private property by law. Therefore, access is restricted to hotel guests of Porto Carras and the site is fenced and guarded. However, if you have a boat, you can explore the area by sea. From the boat you can go to the beach for a while, although there are frequent patrols of the security service of Porto Carras to prevent such actions.

Kelyfos Island


The Island is located just opposite Porto Carras, the most touristic part of Halkidiki, which features luxurious tourist facilities such casino, heliport, marina for large and small vessels etc.

The island forestation is mainly pine trees and has olive trees on the eastern part. It has two natural harbors with sufficient depth for large vessels and for the creation of a deck. (117m– 270m)

The island supports the construction of a heliport. There are two natural pebble beaches and clear blue waters. Possible transfer of water and electricity from the opposite beach of Neos Marmaras by underwater pipeline.



Skiathos is among the most popular islands of Greece. Famous for the golden beaches, the green nature and the vivid atmosphere, Skiathos Greece is a favourite destination for both youth and families. The most popular beaches are located on the southern side of the island, including the famous bay of Koukounaries. However, very impressive is the exotic beach of Lalaria, accessible only by boat trip that also goes to the Medieval Castle of the island. The Town is the centre of activities on the island, where visitors head in the evenings to enjoy a relaxing drink. From Skiathos island, visitors can make day excursions to Skopelos and Alonissos, the other islands of Sporades.



Located between Skiathos and Alonissos, Skopelos is a beautiful island that attracts mostly families and romantic couples. It mostly became famous to the world when scenes of the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia were filmed there few years ago. Particularly, the impressive church of Agios Ioannis Kastri is known as the Mamma Mia Church. The beaches of Skopelos island have crystal water and they are ideal to enjoy a long day under the sun. Town and Glossa, the two main villages of the island, are constructed on top of a hill and offer great view to the Aegean Sea. Ferries to Skopelos Greece depart from the mainland ports of Volos or Agios Konstantinos.



Part of the Sporades complex, Alonissos is an authentic island mostly known for its incredible natural beauty and the amazing beaches. Chora is the most picturesque village in Alonissos island, located on top of a hill and offering great view to the Aegean Sea. This village was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1965 and this was when most inhabitants moved to Patitiri, the port of Alonissos Greece. Patitiri, Votsi, Roussoum Gialos and Steni Vala are the most frequented tourist spots on the island, ideal for families and romantic couples. The beaches are crystal and surrounded by lush greenery, creating a relaxing atmosphere.